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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hollydaze & Vine 2007 - My Christmas goodies!

We just returned from the Hollydaze Christmas show(and vacation). This time I actually managed to snap some pics, so here they are:

Our display with 'Viveca's Favorite Things' to the left and Sharon Bloom's display to the right.

The rest of the images are my goodies. As you can see, I'm seriously into pink this year!

Hollydaze & Vine 2007 - My Christmas goodies(close-up)!

More images of my goodies close-up:
Santa corsage

Glass ornaments painted and coated in glass glitter, filled with adorable
vintage figures and embellished with silver lametta tinsel

Vintage cellophane wreath decorated with vintage components

Vintage candolier decorated with vintage components

Another vintage candolier

A bottlebrush tree decorated with

vintage ornaments, lametta tinsel, cotton batting,

glitter, mica, and sitting on a vintage Santa


Antique style wood santa lantern

Vintage style lamp with hand decorated 40's snowmen decorated lampshade

A tiny bottle brush tree

Holly Daze and Vine Christmas Show 2007

I was able to get pics of some of the artists displays before the doors opened to the public:

Sylvia Anderson's cheery paper mache figures!

Kitty working on her beautiful display!

Kitty's papier mache adorable figures

More of Kitty's cuties!

Melissa D. Terrick's wonderful pieces

Christy Silacci and her whimsical stuffed creatures!

Wendy Mullen of 'Victorian Chocolate Molds'

Katherine Webber and her outstanding figures

Sharon Bloom's amazing Ceramics

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween & Vine Set-up Night

In all of the chaos of setting up for my first show ever, Hubby & I managed to snap a handful of pics. These were taken the evening before the show. Unfortunately we had no time to snap other artists displays.(note to myself: get there earlier next year)

When we arrived, most artists had completed there displays and were chatting and exploring eachothers artwork. While walking in, and glancing around the room at all the amazing artworks, I thought 'I don't belong here', and told my husband "I'm WAY out of my league". I really thought that someone had made a huge mistake letting me into this show and I was embarrassed and felt my artistic offerings were very small in comparasin to everyone elses. But we were there and I had no choice but to continue on...picture the cowardly lion meeting the Great OZ.

Soon after we finished our display, a fantastic home-cooked meal was served right there, along with an astounding array of very good wines. I had a half glass of Chardinay, and started to relax a bit.

William Bezek stopped by, introduced himself and we had a wonderful art chat. He made me feel so comfortable, and looking back now I had the biggest connection with him...we just clicked. He is a big sweetheart and super artist. He also created a sublime CD compilation of vintage Halloween tunes for all the participating artists. Thanks Will, ours will be played every Halloween in our house!

Greg Guedel, another great artist, super nice guy and designer for Bethany Lowe, visited with us several times and even bought one of my pieces. Thanks Greg!

There were also people wandering around who are in the industry, but not participating in the show. A full-time designer for Bethany Lowe Designs, along with two of his artist friends(sorry, forgot their names) stopped by and admired my art and encouraged me to apply to the company. I could hardly believe it.

A little later I met Jen O'Conner who owns Earth Angels Toys who flew in from the east coast to attend the show. Her photographer snapped tons of pictures of my table and she even posted one of them in her blog. Thanks Jen!

Also a special shout out to Christy Silacci and Kimberlee Edgar and her sweetheart mom of Edgar & Edgar Antiques for being such great art show neighbors!

I was truly amazed at how nice and down-to-earth all of the artists were, and just want to say to them all thanks for being so welcoming to my husband and I. You made our experience a great one!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Halloween & Vine Preview - Antique Style Clock

A preview of my newly designed antique style clock which will be offered at the Halloween & vine Show.

Halloween & Vine Preview - Bogie Book

Preview of a tiny 'Bogie Book' that will be offered at the Halloween & Vine show.

Halloween & Vine Preview - Halloween Treat Cones

Here is a preview of some newly designed Halloween treat cones I will be offering at the Halloween & Vine Show.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged by Sam I Am Creations ! So here goes, seven random things about me:

  • I am a recluse

  • In high school I majored in Physiology, and was interested in becoming a doctor. I was fascinated especially by plastic surgery. It really is just sculpting live human beings, so I guess, in a way, it would still count as art

  • After high school I attended Otis College of Art and Design...at least until my money ran out. very expensive school with tuition running $30,000 per year these days

  • Today I am working on a line of art that will be reproduced and then be released starting in Autumn of 2008.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blues

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You're invited to a Halloween Folk Art Celebration!! There will be tons of artworks given away just for showing up. I just LOVE halloween! You can find my latest works for sale at the party. See you there!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

This piece will be offered on the PFATT Marketplace on May 10th!
CANNED GRATITUDE : Positive reminders placed in assorted tins. In this case, the message is 'April showers bring May flowers' and it is created with a smoked oyster tin!
UPDATE - This little sweetie has found a new home in California!

Monday, May 7, 2007


My name is Arbutus Hunter and I create folk art. It is my hobby, obsession, passion, and profession all rolled into one. It is the one thing in life I am sure about...I love making art.
My goal here is to create a public journal which records my artistic progress over time. I plan to share newly created art pieces with you, and also discuss the sentiment behind them.
I will be just as surprised as you about what else might be included here, because I plan to just let it flow.